Dgm photographic - About Me

Hello! I'm Davi Matheson, the face behind DGM Photographic. Originally from East London, I've been immersed in the world of photography for over a decade.

My journey with photography began as a personal passion in London but was always more of a hobby. This changed in 2018 when I moved to Ireland and set up DGM Photographic which allowed me to transform my passion into a profession that I truly love. My new home, close to the vibrant city of Waterford and its beautiful surrounding coastline, is a constant source of inspiration.

My work covers a variety of different styles, from heartwarming family moments to live events, and creative Photoshop work to professional headshots. I find joy in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories through the art of photography.

Our creative approach and attention to detail ensure that every photograph tells a unique story.

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